How to Buy Plastic Pink Flamingos (or Any Other Product Online) And Not Get Conned

How do you know that when you pay your $30.00 for a pair of Plastic Pink Flamingos that you are getting your monies’ worth, How to buy weed dc and that the Internet Company providing the goods is going to still be in business the day after you make your online purchase just in case you have a return? It’s simple. Do your homework.

First, type a few phrases into your favorite search engine and see what sites pop up. For this experiment I went to Yahoo and typed in Plastic Pink Flamingos Septic tank cleaning and Lawn Flamingos. I only checked out the first page but I got six good ads from suppliers explaining why I should buy their Plastic Pink Flamingos. I then compared prices, and remember, you must include shipping costs when comparison shopping. I only found one site that included shipping but the other sites either have shipping at a set cost or have purchased a handy shopping cart that calculates shipping charges depending on the shipping location. Some sites even give you an option of shipping services; i.e., UPS, Fed Ex, USPS Ground. This is all very nice, but who needs that many options? Unless you need expedited shipping, you’ll want the lowest shipping cost available.

Second, when comparison shopping, I also want to make sure that I am comparing apples to apples or, more precisely, yard flamingos to yard flamingos. I look closely at the photos and prices and quickly weed out the pink birds that look tacky, faded and whose faces have no personality. I also toss out the sites where you get three times as many for the same price as most other sites because, let’s face it, you will be sacrificing quality somewhere along the line. My advice is to always seek out and buy quality merchandise whenever possible that way you will reduce your chances of being disappointed when you receive your products.

Third, I take a good look at the sites still in the running and (1) see where they are physically located; (2) how easy it is to get in touch with the company; (3) if they have a low-price guarantee; (4) what their return policy is; (5) and if there is any negative feedback from other consumers about this site. If the site does not list a physical location, that is a red flag. Preferably sites list both a physical location as well as an email address and phone number should I have a special need or question about their products. If contemplating an expensive order, I will sometimes send an email to the site just to see how soon I receive a response. If I receive a response within 24 hours, they will get my business. Any longer than that, I doubt it. I also look for a low-price guarantee; psilo gummies that is, the company is willing to match another site’s lower price for the same product. I check the site’s return policy to make sure that they will refund my money if I am not happy with my purchase and what conditions I must meet in order to receive a prompt refund.

I lastly Google the retailer’s name and add words like “sham” or “rip-off.” This is an excellent tip no matter what you are spending your money product or service. If a consumer in the past has had a bad experience with this particular company, you can bet their negative experience will be posted on the web. The last thing a small business owner wants is a dissatisfied customer so a reputable company will go out of its way to satisfy its customers.

So as I click the buy now button, I can rest assured knowing that I’ve done my research and with confidence have ordered my Plastic Pink Flamingos from an Internet Site that has reasonable shipping costs, quality birds, is responsive, has a low-price guarantee and has no negative feedback from consumers. Happy Flocking! For more info visit here:-


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