Some Key Terms Associated With Call Centers

In this series of articles that I am writing about the key terms and jargons related to call centre, my primary motive is to discuss those key terms that will help any call centre employee or a potential employee to crack their interviews whether it is for the entry level position or a promotion. Bioderma

DDM / Direct Digital Marketing

DDM or direct digital marketing is an electronic mode of delivering specific communication to relevant recipients. This means that the information can be communicated via web sites, email and mobile, just in analogy to the postal service in the physical world. These three channels (email, web and mobile) have only one thing in common – addressability. The similarity between postal services and this mode of communication is that just like everyone has a unique address, so do they have a unique mobile number, bankdeets a browser cookie and/or the email address. The difference however is in further specificity of these points of communication, because while I might share my address with my family, my email is far more personal and confidential, thus empowering relevant marketing communication.

Escalation Plan

An SOP (Standard operating procedure, or sometimes also called set of procedures) that has been set in order to deal with potential problems is called an escalation plan. The potential problem may be addressing complaints, grievances, an unexpected call flow increase, disaster (which will need business continuity to be maintained) etc. Any escalation plan is implemented only when a certain level of stress is hit (threshold).

Most managers design their escalation plans while keeping in mind, call volume management, stage management and test management to ensure that timely interventions are implemented before any disruption reaches a level of emergency and if unfortunately it does so, ddm there are fall back plans in place.

First Call Resolution / FCR

One of the key parameters to measure any call centre agent’s performance is the FCR or the first call resolution. This means that an agent’s efficiency is evaluated on the basis of whether or not they have been able to address the customer’s need properly in the first contact itself. This means that the need for a follow up call is eliminated.

While most call centres focus on low AHTs (Average Handling Time) to be able to reduce call costs, most managers choose higher AHTs with first call resolution rather than follow up calls and lower AHTs.

Higher first call resolutions also are an indicator of higher customer satisfaction because the more follow up a customer has to do, the more dissatisfaction is generated. Also, 24dollsde for the management in general, larger number of follow up calls means higher call volumes, thus indicating the need for more human resource.

Help Desk

In any business the place where IT users can call to seek help about an issue they face with the technology is known as the help desk. While in many companies this desk may have only one employee sitting with a phone and know-how of how to resolve the potential queries that might flow in; in larger enterprises these desks may contain as large groups of experts or help desk associates as 500.

A call centre however is a term ideally used for the non-technical support aspect. With the advent, popularity and innovation in the web and internet the number of help desk support centres are gradually reducing as the process becomes increasingly automated. realdetroitweekly


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