Making a Special Table or Counter Top

This article is mainly about allfrequencyjammer creating your own table or counter top or tops. The items introduced here will also be of assistance if you are working on a glass table top replacement. While creating your own table or counter top this article will assume that the style, type and size of the structure has already been determined. The only choice to be made at this point is the actual finish that makes this special top. There will be 2 finishes considered here. First is a structured wood finish followed by a glass plate covering a chosen top such as photos, badges, bottle tops and hobbies etc.

Structured Wood Finish: essentialwell
Structured finish is regarding the wood design(s)s. The top can be built like a breadboard with strips of wood attached. The strips can be cut at the desired width and length and attached together. The sides and ends of this layout can be rounded off or cut at a right angle and then have the wood finished properly. Another option is to cut wood in angles and make designs with the angle cut wood, newzhit attach them and then on to the finish work. A third option could be a design inside surrounded by a different wood outside border then the wood finish.

Glass Plate Covering:
The glass plate top has a base which holds the items to be displayed. This base is usually a ¾” plywood that is attached to the base. The glass top can be held in place with a wood frame all around, capcounter a wood siding to the table which holds the glass frame or even a metal frame to make the top secure when covering a valuable item(s).

There will be some base covering of the plywood to ‘hold’ the display. This may be a cloth material of choice, painting of the wood or even part of the item displayed. To display photos or anything that could be explained in writing, it might be helpful to prepare a written comment about each piece. Photos can be described, appoura badges explained and even stamps identified.

Bottle caps can be displayed in a desired pattern like style of fluid, color of the cap, name on the cap etc. Coins if chosen to display may be labeled or left unidentified as chosen. For coins there are display panels which can be used to hold the coins. There are metals that are not coins to be displayed which also are provided often with a display panel. For more info please visit

If you are in the DIY mode for the top being made, you are providing an additional chore to your janitor service in the home. Once the top is complete, there will be remaining the task of maintaining the looks of the top. This puts itself into a permanent position on the janitor service list.


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