The Subconscious Mind and Its Capabilities

The Subconscious Mind

The Subconscious Mind is the warehouse, thegreatermind if you will, of anything and everything that is not in your Conscious Mind at the moment. It stores the greater part of all the previous events in your life, your beliefs, memories, aptitudes, and all the situations you’ve experienced as well as all the pictures you’ve ever seen.

Research shows that we only use around 10 percent of our brain. The remaining 90 percent is our subconscious, and it’s the subconscious part of the brain that is connected to the Universe. It’s not the job of the Subconscious Mind to resort to reasoning because the Conscious Mind is the one that does it. Your Subconscious Mind operates only based on what it believes, Marin property management and it can only believe in what your conscious mind constantly feeds it with.

The Conscious Mind

The Conscious Mind zenlinks acts as a guard to your Subconscious Mind and it’s only when your Conscious Mind accepts something as a fact will this information get passed on to your subconscious mind. Since the subconscious does not have the power to tell right from wrong, it can only act as it knows everything to be true. Your Subconscious Mind doesn’t think because that role is assumed by your Conscious Mind. The Subconscious Mind simply reacts based on the information that is fed into it. locallistingz

When you learn anything new you have to initially pay conscious attention. For example, when learning to ride a bicycle, you first have to be conscious of the pedal, the brakes, the distance between you and other vehicles on the road, the lights and so forth. Once you have learned to ride then this knowledge becomes second nature to you and you simply ride. socialdir

The Warehouse of Knowledge

The subconscious is akin to a vast warehouse of your knowledge and deepest beliefs. If you hear something negative about yourself, during adolescence (or as an adult), and accept it to be true, then that will be embedded in your subconscious mind as a truth about yourself. For example, if your mother said things to you like, “You are not as smart as your friends” or “You will never succeed at anything”, and you believed her, then those beliefs about yourself will automatically become a part of your Subconscious Mind.

Since its actions are based on what it perceives to be the truth, biigo you will be insecure about your intelligence for the rest of your life. Consciously believing yourself to be intelligent will not work as your Subconscious Mind has been programmed. This means that there is a chance that it will sabotage your efforts in areas where you have negative beliefs involved.


The good news is you can always reprogram your mind and change your negative beliefs into positive ones. By giving your subconscious the correct information you can change every aspect of your life that needs improvement: health and well being can be improved, physical appearance and fitness too can improve. We all have the ability to attract the right partner, the desired career, wealth, happiness, and the ideal lifestyle. In fact, wikidirectori there is nothing YOU cannot achieve through subconscious development. This is the way to gain mastery over your Subconscious Mind.

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