Your Daily Habits Are Forging Your Future

We all have habits, both good ones, which support our efforts to attract success into our lives and bad ones, which keep us from taking the daily actions we need to take, to succeed. If you have any doubt about the power of your habits and how they can keep you locked in a cycle of mediocrity, habitforge try this simple test. Cross your arms in front of you. Now look down and see which one of your arms is on the top. Research has shown that about half the population will normally have their right arm on top and the other half will have their left arm on top. This research also showed that the way you crossed your arms for the first time as a child, RedLasso is still the same way you are crossing your arms today.

Cross your arms again, this time try to put the other arm, theconversationprism or rather the wrong arm, on the top. How weird does that feel? If I challenged you to put the wrong arm on the top for the rest of your life, could you do it? Of course, with practice, you could train yourself to automatically put the other arm on the top. It is indeed possible to reprogram your brain, with consistent practice.

Neuro Plasticity was first discovered, softwareglimpse by NASA when they conducted an experiment using convex lenses, to test an astronaut’s ability to survive in the weightless environment of space. In a weightless environment, there is no up or down and so to try to test how astronauts would cope, they put convex lenses on them, which inverted the world. The astronauts, who took part in this experiment, experienced changes in blood pressure, their spatial perception changed and many of them even experienced motion sickness.

Something amazing happened after 26 days, duclarion one of the astronauts, reported that their world had turned the right way up. After about 42 days, all the astronauts’ worlds had turned the right way up. The re-wiring, necessary in the brain to completely change the way the eyes perceive up and down, is immense. This discovery showed scientists that we could completely rewire our brains, irrespective of our age.

Yes, habits are hard to break, but with effort, louisvillecardinal determination and discipline, we can replace any bad habit with a new success habit, which will support our efforts to achieve greatness. Aristotle said it so well when he said: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act…it’s a habit.” There is no more powerful tool available to you, to shape you future, than a success habit set, which will see you carry out the right activities every day, to deliver the success you desire. The way your future will unfold, will be determined by the thoughts you think, the words you speak and the actions you take or fail to take. When you create a success habit set, to support you to think the right thoughts, speak the right words and to take the right actions every day, success is inevitable and will feel almost effortless.

Action Idea: Changing your negative habits, for a new success habit set, which will support your daily efforts to succeed, is one decision or one choice away. Make the choice today to create a new success habit set and then go about introducing the process of gradually introducing this into your life. I have developed a process called my “Code of Personal Achievement“, to assist you to develop and introduce, a success habit set, which will work into your life. My “Code of Personal Achievement” works in cycles of 90 days each. During the first 90 day phase, you choose an area of your life that you want to improve, by introducing a new success habit set. You will select this one area to focus all your energy on over the next 90 days. During this 90 day period, you will read three books, listen to three audio books and attend a seminar, all focused on developing that one area of your life.

During that first 90 day cycle, you will extract three new behaviours or habits from each book, audio book and seminar in turn. This will potentially leave you with 27 new success behaviours or success habits. As you are focusing all your efforts in only one area, it should not be too difficult to narrow these habits or behaviours down to a “SUPER FIVE“. These 5 new super behaviours or success habits will become “YOUR CODE OF PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT“. These 5 new behaviours are you new personal commitment to yourself. Your head will not touch the pillow each day, until you have carried out these new success habits. Research has shown that after about 66 days, these new daily behaviours will be part of your habit set. We use our willpower to carry these activities out over 90 days, to ensure they become really entrenched.

In a very simplistic, yet realistic fashion, mtb-114 all we really experience in our lives are events and outcomes. The outcomes we experience are governed by our habitual responses to these events. Simply by training (developing appropriate habits) yourself to have an appropriate response to any event you may experience, you can predict the outcome of every event in your life and thereby write your own future. We can’t control everything that happens to us, but we can develop habits that will allow us to respond appropriately to most events in our lives. The effort invested in developing these success habits will equip us to begin to take responsibility for our future and put control squarely in our grasp.


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