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Founded under a decade ago, Dollar Shave Club (DSC) has seen significant success in cultivating a loyal consumer base that chooses to renew and refer others to the monthly subscription service.

In fact, they’ve been cited as the most popular subscription box service out there. Situated within the quickly growing monthly subscription e-commerce industry, the company is beating out big names like IPSY and Blue Apron.

Of those surveyed, the greatest percentage (29%) of respondents stated that they subscribe to this powerhouse service provider. What made DSC stand out from all the other subscription box options out there? This article will examine how they secured their top spot.

They Created a Strong Brand Image

Everyone who’s familiar with Dollar Shave Club knows about its straightforward, engaging, and youthful brand image. The company’s ability to cultivate a distinct brand identity helps them stand out from competitors.

What really put DSC’s brand on the map was a viral marketing video. In it, the company’s founder discusses the benefits of their products while pacing through his warehouse facility.

Source: YouTube

What’s most important about the video is its quirky and engaging humorous quality. It imbues the marketing material with a rare sense of authenticity. While watching it, viewers are laughing and getting a great feel for a light-hearted company that prides itself on its no-nonsense offerings.

Those who remain unconvinced of the strength of the brand image can turn to the product packaging and contents that ooze the brand’s personality.

The packaging isn’t super elaborate, but it doesn’t need to be. Like the video, it bolsters the comedic yet simplistic appeal that the brand is built upon.

Source: Brand Folder

The simplistic cardboard packaging makes sense for a men’s hygiene box. It’s masculine yet organized. To top it all off, short jokes are printed onto the sides of the cardboard, further fostering a comedic brand image.

Additionally, the company sends along a magazine insert entitled “The Bathroom Minutes” in their monthly subscription boxes. This keeps members in touch with the brand over time.

Dollar Shave Club created a widely-recognized brand image, which played a role in the business’s rise to fame.

The Service Emphasizes a Straightforward Solution

The company advertises a straightforward, easy solution to men’s hygiene needs. That encourages Dollar Shave Club members to hold onto their subscriptions month after month.

While a fun, engaging brand can effectively generate leads, it takes an effective product to create loyal consumers.

DSC offers just that with basic yet quality shaving products that are conveniently replenished month by month. The company provides an appealing, easy solution to a common problem.

Moreover, they distanced themselves from their more frivolous competitors that market shaving solutions with more bells and whistles. Their simple solutions met a need that wasn’t being addressed in the market space.

Michael Jones, CEO of Science Inc. and an early DSC investor, agrees that their quality solution differentiates the company from competitors. “Silicon Valley may be the beating heart of tech influence, but it’s certainly not the only influence,” he said in a CNBC commentary. “By breaking away from traditional notions of what begets success, companies have more opportunities to catch the eyes of those with cash.”

DSC didn’t buy into a technology-first mentality with their product and found a large audience that appreciated it. Instead, they relied on the quality of their solution and their understanding of their target market.

Their Services Resonate with Individuals

On top of their stellar marketing and quality product, the company is able to personalize the consumer experience.

They’ve optimized customer service this way, creating a proud community of members. The company achieves this by inviting new members to the membership circle.

It all starts with a welcome email, signifying their official acceptance into the club. The letter affirms that DSC cares about its customers’ engagement with their brand on an individual level.

This is further asserted in a user’s ability to customize their monthly orders according to their needs. When customers enter the DSC site, it introduces you to a short quiz that determines which products will best meet the needs of a given member.

Source: Dollar Shave Club

For instance, the quiz asks users what parts of the body they typically shave and whether they have any skin issues such as dryness. These questions will lead the customer toward products that are best suited to them as an individual, elevating their personal experience with the brand.

The company’s ability to customize their monthly product offerings to individual consumers enables users to connect with the brand on a more personal level. This helps DSC resonate with their audience and retain customers.

DSC Turned Leads into Loyal Members

DSC quickly became the most popular monthly subscription box by meeting a need with a high-quality, straightforward solution. They bolstered their products with engaging marketing material and above-and-beyond customer service, creating a widely-recognized brand image.

The memorable customer experience the brand provides its users allows them to convert leads into long-term members who remain loyal to the company’s community.

Sydney Wess leads Clutch’s supply chain and logistics research efforts to keep companies informed about best business services and software solutions options for their needs.

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